Blue Ocean Strategic Consulting


Recently I read “Blue Ocean Strategy” by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne. It resonated with a core philosophy of my work: Creativity can set you free. By out-thinking the competition, you can find yourself running free from the pack, in fact, not even running in the same direction as the pack anymore. Finding a breakthrough way to sell, or a product that no one else has can set you sailing on the blue oceans of opportunity. The companies that make the most money are the ones who have innovated and found that blue ocean first, and continue to find new blue oceans of uninhibited market space.

While it might not be possible to always break 100% free from competition, the more free and clear waters we can find to sail in the more profit we will make. Most marketing/advertising firms just produce more of the same, or put a new face on last year’s campaigns, rather than taking the time to do the creative thinking from the ground up. It is this holistic approach that sets us apart and so resonated with me in the “Blue Ocean Strategy” book. I highly recommend it to my clients as a good read. Then call your creative friends and colleagues (that’s us) and let the creation begin.