Inspiring the World with Your Vision

Inspiration comes from deep inside of us. It comes when we have experienced something that changes us. It lifts us up to something higher. It answers the call from our hearts and motivates us to live big.

Inspiration v. Marketing

Ok, yes we do marketing. But we don’t like that term. Usually, people talk about “marketing to a demographic.” First marketing is something ‘done’ to some impersonal group. Inspiration is much higher and deeper. It is something that happens inside us rather than to us. Inspiration changes and motivates us.

Inspiration v. Reason

It’s not that facts cannot inspire. It’s that we don’t want to stop with your reason– we want to engage your heart. Gallup’s research reveals that those who are merely rationally committed to something are only slightly more involved than people who are against it. But, those who are emotionally engaged are 10 times more likely to be fans who buy from you, recommend, and cheer you on.

Inside-Out v. Outside-In

Notionfront’s approach is different from other marketing groups. We used to, like so many others, dress up your team with new uniforms and new slogans and send them out. What we didn’t realize is that according to Gallup polls 70% of your team is likely disengaged. That means they are happy to work and get paid, but their creativity and full energy is not engaged. So why spend time trying to motivate the outside world when most of your inside world isn’t inspired? So we start with the inside team before we move out to external marketing plans. Our Inspiration Consultation is full of science and inspiration, based on Gallup’s Q12 Employee engagement curriculum, and a good dose of our own proprietary inspirational tools. When it comes time to inspire the world outside, employee engagement is the foundation of any plan.

Inspiring Your World

Once we have the foundation set, and the team fully engaged. We create inspirational communications to reach the world with your vision. Often we try to create that message using your team. We want the world to experience your team and you. It is real people and real connections that inspire the world to be your fans, not just “consumers”. Inspiration is powerful and it is contagious.

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