Marketing Consulting


Ok, perhaps we have the “use your head” type of super powers. And these powers come from Harvard Business School professors and inspiring studies rather than Kryptonite. Simply, the power to see and to have vision is what ignites marketing. Many of our clients have great ideas, but fail to inspire anyone with their core vision. They struggle to focus on what is truly their own greatness, and they don’t have an influence strategy to change their world.
We do this in two steps. First, we analyze your market landscape with “Blue Ocean” consulting developed by Harvard Business School professors. This isolates the Blue Oceans of opportunity that exist in your market landscape, and helps us focus your message on what is unique about your organization or product. Then we build and influence strategy. This identifies and deploys the messages into the world of behavior and the social landscape. These elements combine to make the foundation of a powerful marketing campaign. So contact us to start a dialog about a new vision for your marketing.

Here is the list of our Marketing Super Powers:

Blue Ocean Consulting, Influence Strategies, Branding Audit, Web Site Analysis