We have marketing superpowers.

Ok, perhaps we have the “use your head” type of superpowers. These powers come from Harvard Business School professors, experience, and inspiring studies rather than planet Krypton. It is the power to see and to have vision. To notice and take hold of what ignites marketing.

Many of our clients have great ideas, but fail to inspire anyone with their core vision. They struggle to focus on what is truly their own greatness, and they don’t have an influence strategy to change their world. It’s one thing to have a dream. And another to be able to share that dream with others.

That’s where we come in.

Let us unveil your vision to the world and help others to see what you have seen all along. We do this in two main steps. First, we define your market space. We do this by analyzing your market landscape with “Blue Ocean” consulting developed by Harvard Business School professors. This isolates the Blue Oceans of opportunity that exist in your market landscape, and helps us focus your message on what is unique about your organization or product.

There’s no need to fight with sharks in an over populated corner of the ocean. We’ll help you find your Blue Ocean.

Second, we build an influence strategy. This identifies and deploys your message to the world. We consider behavior science and the social landscape as we tailor a marketing strategy unique to you and your audience.

By first exploring your market landscape, and then tailoring a influence strategy perfect for you we establish an ecosystem for business growth, and lay the foundation for a powerful marketing campaign.

So contact us to start a dialog about a new vision for your marketing.

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