Moberly-EDC Small Town Goes Global


China, Denmark, and large US firms have decided to locate their businesses in a small town in rural Missouri. How did little Moberly attract the attention of foreign investors? How did they land in the business pages of Fortune, Business week and other trade magazines? A lot of hard work, and making the strategic decision to hire Notionfront for their marketing.

Notionfront went to work transforming their web presence. Market Concepts, Documentary Video, Graphics, and text, are all woven together to make a compelling story for why to invest in Moberly.

We shot very authentic video, featuring local businessmen in their context. Unscripted business men and managers were shot telling the world how why Moberly is working for them. Stories like these are hard to fake, and they are more than just statistics. It is real people telling you again and again that business works and works well in this hardworking town.

The site is a constant work in progress. We are still transforming it from where we used to be. We have so many great ideas. We just keep pouring them into the site. Internet marketing is about constant publishing and activity. If the site is stale it isn’t moving in the real world of today. We don’t like to just build and leave our clients, we help them use the internet to broadcast to the world.

Notionfront doesn’t just put up a web site. We work the web. We work the foundational marketing directions. Then we write copy, we make graphics, we design, we shoot the video, we do the Search Engine Optimization. It is all done seamlessly so that the end result is people finding your site and imbibing your message. What used to take three and four firms, and lots of headaches for clients is all done by Notionfront. We take the initiative. We push your marketing for you. We don’t wait for you to think oh why don’t we… we are already there making it happen so you can keep your business moving forward.