Notionfront is starting an interview series called Project Leadership. We are going to interview both leaders and followers in business, philanthropy, the arts, and faith to learn how they found their inspiration. Inspiration is something that lifts us to new hights. A leader must possess this essential quality. We will learn how their story shaped them. How what they believe shapes them. When they realized that there was a something beyond them that they were leading to. Join us for our journey. 

Leadership from kindness and celebration

with Tyson Hunt, Co-Founder Logboat Brewery

Leadership from an Epic Journey of Pain

with Bryan Gallant, Author of Undeniable


These are projects that we have executed for clients that brought us in touch with top leaders. Videos like these compelled us to embark on our own quest, for understanding inspires us to live greatly. We will be adding fresh videos each month so please follow us on Social Media or join our newsletter to keep informed.


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