Rework: Proverbs for the Modern Web World


I just finished listening to the book Rework by Jason Fried and David Hansson. (I found it’s dangerous to read while driving so I listen to audio books.) Rework is like a book of proverbs on how to rethink the way we work. If I had to summarize the theme of the book it would be this: Be purposefully simple. In a world with huge intimidating business complexities like Facebook and Google, who can compete? But that is just the point. Our world has grown so complex that simple, to-the-point, and close-at-hand have become more valuable than ever. A simple truth well told is better than 200 channels on cable. A friend who tells me a story is more real than some distant “reality show.”

Those are my proverbs to explain the point. Here are a few of theirs:

ASAP is poison. Underdo the competition. Meetings are toxic. Fire the workaholics. Pick a fight. Planning is guessing. Inspiration is perishable.

So, pop this one in your iPod and listen to it, or pick up the book. It is well worth it. Also, check out their hilarious viral videos that illustrate the concepts (and sell the book).