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The internet is like a broadcast frequency that everyone in the world has access to in order to put up their own programming. You have your stage to talk to the world. The mic is on. The cameras are rolling. The readers are there. But how do you operate this powerful tool that seems to have morphed into this complex din of media chaos overload? How do you get our audience to tune in? Why should they want to? What channels do you use: social media, video, blogs, CMS PPC SEO, mobile browsers!!?

We start back at the foundation of people and communication. The fundamental reality has not changed, you are trying to communicate to your audience. That is what we focus on — telling your story well. We do have many more tools and knobs and leavers to pull to make that happen, but essentially that is not important. What is important is to inspire the hearts of your audience. We make them into fans moved and enjoying your message, not just targeted consumers loathing your next appearance on their media screen. Yeah, we use all those tools, but it is about their creative use, the unique wave length, the emotional wow that makes the difference. So we do code and move pixels, but those are just brushes and instruments in our hands to make your site perform.

So here is our list of “skills”
as Napoleon Dynamite would say:
Web Design:

Your web design is the foundation of trust with your audience. If your handshake is limp and your look inappropriate, people won’t trust what you have to say. It is the initial impression and the ongoing impression that is confidence building, trust building, fun, and engaging. It gets your audience saying, “Cool, I like these guys.” Good design = open doors of trust.
Web Design Portfolio

Content Development:

Ok, so you have the foundation of good design, you have their trust, but are you saying anything? Many organizations don’t lack for web design. They have a good web site, but they lack time to develop good content. It’s stuck in the mud and hasn’t changed in years. People have tuned out to your reruns and snooze content. You want the writing, the scripting, the videos, the multimedia flash, the charts, the understanding, the oo-o I am going to forward this, kind of content; that’s what you want. Content is king. It is what keeps people coming back to your site. Marketing these days is about bringing people to your site with great content and keeping your channel high on their must see list.


We feel strongly about the use of video in today’s web. 80% of communication is visual. It’s facial expressions, tone of voice, and gestures. Really when you want to connect and communicate, face to face is the best. Video gets you as close as you can to your audience, and it is powerful. Video is fast becoming the dominate form of web communication.
Video Portfolio

Social Media: 

Where are conversations happening about your world? Often they are happening on social media. Social media is where the web becomes two way — comments on blogs, replies to emails, posts on walls. This world is in constant flux and is guided by social and cultural rules. We guide our clients into this world with a strategy of trust and focused communication, rather than a me-too let’s use this tool mentality. It is about building a trusted voice in your world. No one likes a salesman at a party, so don’t show up in social media just hawking your goods. Have a story to tell that everyone wants to hear.


SEO is search engine optimization. This is your frequency tower. Without this you are like those cool walkie-talkies that only worked in the backyard. We use tools, content, and relationship building to get your site SEO tuned into the frequencies of your audience. We are a subscribers to SEOmoz, one of the most powerful set of SEO tools available. PPC is pay per click campaigns. Organic SEO is best, but PPC fills in those gaps where it is hard to reach. This helps ensure that your audience is seeing you and your message, even if you need to pay to get there.