1. Content

Yes, you were likely hoping it was the latest whiz-bang app that would make consumers follow you like lemmings. Apps can help but without the fuel of content your souped-up pages ain’t leaving the line.

2. Content

Again, you were hoping for some super technique that would just mop up the competition because you knew the one new secret. But it’s content. It’s all connected. SEO is driven by social media feedback; social media feedback is driven by people liking what you say. Have nothing to say, no like, no SEO, no marketing. Social media is just a channel you have free access to, but if you don’t put up any programming worth seeing, will anyone care in this media saturated world? No. So every good strategy starts with great content. It does not start with the channel. That would be like buying time on broadcast TV and leaving it blank, or worse putting up an annoying commercial that everyone hates (read posts that are lame).

3. Content

Think video, infographic, blog. Stuff that people want and can easily consume as they flick through their feeds on their smart phone. Think about content that you own not just curated content that leads people to other innovative thinkers besides you. Think about a regular publishing cycle. Think about getting help to keep this cycle of great content, great feedback, great marketing going. It’s not happening now because you don’t have the time to make it happen. Get people on your team who can get it done.

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