Video is Viral

Its easy to pass on in social media, links via email and of course on your website. Think about it, when you last trolled through Facebook, you clicked on your friend’s video didn’t you? Yeah, and you laughed too, and liked it. You’re not alone. There are 415,000 videos uploaded to Facebook daily ref. It plays well with Twitter and LinkedIn as well. It can be distributed on many channels including broadcast and cable. It has one of the broadest reaches of any media.

It Shows on Searches

When Googling, videos often show up high in search results. And bonus, they often get a thumbnail photo, resulting in a huge click through rate. Not only that, but YouTube is now the number two search engine in the world. Consider producing a how to video,  or event and product videos. People seek and find videos.

It Connects You

As I have mentioned in earlier blog articles, no other medium connects people to people. We react in 1/200 of a second to emotional feedback on another’s face. We are wired to connect to people. Video brings people face to face as no other medium does.

Three great reasons to make that corporate video, event video or 30 second commercial a part of your marketing plan. Start broadcasting you.

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