Use Inbound Marketing or Get out of the Game


MIT Geeks, HubSpot, Discover the New Wave in Marketing

Inbound marketing is the latest buzz word in marketing circles. The idea is that consumers are using powerful search and filter tools such as Google and Bing to peruse only that which they, the consumer, want to see. They might be looking for entertainment, for the next innovative business idea, or researching a product. They invite this material in and consume it. Hence the name inbound marketing.

Tuning-Out Old Media
Consumers are bombarded more and more by traditional outbound advertising to the point of over-saturation. They are tired of being interrupted by things they were not searching for and they are feeling totally saturated. The human brain is limited in the amount of advertising it can remember, so then it becomes immune to the this kind of media. According to Malcolm Gladwell in his book the Tipping Point, media is reaching a point of overuse and people put up defenses like the CanSpam Act or the No Call lists. Now spam and telemarketing have plummeted in their effectiveness. Television ads have less pull than ever before and newspapers are dying a slow death according to Paul Gillin in his blog newspaper death watch.

Inbound in Action
So what are we to do? Inbound to the rescue. Inbound marketing is not only the most effective means of marketing according to it is also the least expensive. HubSpot’s research points to an average of 61% less cost per lead when compared to traditional outbound advertising. The idea is that we actually provide the consumer something that they want. What an idea! Create compelling content about how your product will help the consumer’s life and then help them find it with SEO and social media. Easy right? Well, there is no gizmo to install that does this for you. Like all successful business ideas, it requires hard work and creativity. Blog, create, design, video, multimedia, build compelling content and they will come. Inbound marketing, I believe, is here to stay.