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Website design and content building is a lot like running a good restaurant. Even though customers primary objective is to get a good meal; they do want a good experience as well.

Web Design: The food menu

When you enter into the restaurant, you are assured that you will be given a menu. A good restaurant will have a menu coordinated with their restaurant’s theme: Italian, Thai, Japanese…

Similarly, your website design is the food menu. It is the presentation before the transaction. So, before you make the transaction, they need to know where the products are. A professional layout helps people process the content. It is also easily accessible.

There’s definitely a difference between getting a laminated piece of paper and a leather bound menu. Which would you choose?
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Content Development: It is like good turkey

Imagine on Thanksgiving Day, your mother brings out an amazing looking turkey to the table. You get your hands on a slice of turkey and realized that your mother forgot to add seasoning to the turkey, it tastes bland and dry.

Now, scene change. Your website. It looks great but does it have good content? If it doesn’t, you are probably giving your consumer a metaphoric bland turkey. We understand that good form draws a crowd but good content engages the crowd. No matter how much you coerce them to eat it, they probably would not do it after the first bite. The statistics shows it too, up to 70% of people say they would not buy from a company with bad content. At Notionfront, we want to provide consumers a platform to connect with business owners. We know that producing good content has a long term benefit; it also allows the public to know who you are, what you are about and it builds rapport. No gimmicks, no coercion, just a good tasting slice of content turkey — remember, mental taste buds never lie.

Social Media: The waiter

We have to give some acknowledgement to the waiters of the world. Sometimes, they do go under appreciated but they play a vital role in the ebb and flow of customers and food. Have you ever seen that awkward moment where you see a group of people standing for minutes and not being seated or not being given a menu? They leave. And you probably loose a potential customer.

Social media is like a waiter. They help establish the means of communication and help answer questions that customers would have. The rule of thumb for good customer service is encompassed in Maya Angelou’s quote,

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

And in all scenarios, this hold itself to be true. We want to guide you into this world with a strategy of trust and focused communication, rather than a me-too let’s use this tool mentality. It is about building a trusted voice in your world. No one likes a salesman at a party, so don’t show up in social media just hawking your goods. Have a story to tell that everyone wants to hear.


SEO is search engine optimization. This is your frequency tower. Without this you are like those cool walkie-talkies that only worked in the backyard. We use tools, content, and relationship building to get your site SEO tuned into the frequencies of your audience. We are a subscribers to SEOmoz, one of the most powerful set of SEO tools available. PPC is pay per click campaigns. Organic SEO is best, but PPC fills in those gaps where it is hard to reach. This helps ensure that your audience is seeing you and your message, even if you need to pay to get there.